Feel St. Petersburg

like our friend,

not a tourist


Saint Petersburg is not only Hermitage, Mariinsky theatre, Peterhof and dozen of other picturesque attractions!

Saint Petersburg is a place where you can easily catch big Baltic wave on surf (actually pretty cold wave), jump off with parachute above Ladoga lake, try your driver skills on open carting track and much more activities.


Under the supervision of a  professional chef you can try to cook traditional Russian pancakes or borscht (soup with meat potatoes and beet) or many of others world-wide dishes.

You can taste traditional Russian tea from Samovar or many kinds of other stronger drinks.

Of course you can buy, create, draw, construct (what ever you can imagine) with Matryoshka.

Seriously,  everything.  


For the memory of descendants (and your own, of course) you could choose something special: post cards, personal photoset or even wedding ceremony in Saint Petersburg! We will recommend you only trusted professionals. You can just relax and feel salty breeze of Baltic sea in the most northerly city with a population of over million people.




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