Absolutely free consultation and booking!

We provide you with all necessary information about the place, time and price. Free booking of activities, tables in restaurants, tickets.

All prices are for inspection and common sense of activity.

We will be grateful if you recommend us to you friends or sudden passersby.

Of course, any donation will make us happy :)

Open with me

For any type of activity we could suggest you personal assistance, including:

  • accompaniment with stories about Saint Petersburg

  • transfers (two way)

  • photographer with great sense of beauty

  • actually what ever you want more :)

Just book any activity and put down what you want to include - and we tell you how much it would cost.

Active tours booking

  • Everyone can feel himself like a real racer! Be as fast as you can and...

    10 min

    From 750 RUB

  • Conquer your steepest peak!

    1 hr

    From 900 RUB

  • Get your weapon and let's have some fun!

    3 hr

    From 900 RUB

  • Feel yourself like a squirrel!

    2 hr

    From 1100 RUB

  • Plunge into the charming grace and chivalry!

    1 hr

    From 1000 RUB

  • Yes! It is possible to play golf in Saint Petersburg! Can you swing?

    1 hr

    From 800 RUB

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