Russian traditional cuisine master class

From 2700 RUB

At this master class we will prepare traditional dishes for Russian cuisine:

- Shchi in a pot of sauerkraut with smoked meat and dough cover,
- Pelmeni with sour cream,
- Delicious pancakes with red caviar.

Russian doll Matryoshka painting master class

From 900 RUB

Creative, fun and relaxing master-class of Russian doll Maryoshka painting from a qualified artist, with a tea-party.

Russian Tea Samovar Story

From 900 RUB

Tea Samovar Story with local candies. 

Russian vodka testing

From 1000 RUB

Tasting of traditional Russian drink.

Russian wine testing

From 1000 RUB

Tasting of Russian vines.

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